Information Retrieval and Extraction
Fall 2007
Fridays, 9:10 ~12:00 AM
Dr. Berlin Chen (陳柏琳)


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Course Overview & Introduction

09/28   Retrieval Models (I) - Classic Retrieval Models (Boolean, Vector Space and Probabilistic Models)  
10/05 Retrieval Performance Evaluation - Measures HW-1 (Due 10/31)
10/12 Retrieval Performance Evaluation - Collections
10/19 Retrieval Models (II) - Improved Approaches (Fuzzy Set, Extended Boolean, Generalized Vector Space Models)
10/26 Query Operations (Query Expansion and Term Re-weighting) HW-2 (Due 11/30)
11/02 Retrieval Models (III) - Latent Semantic Analysis (LSA)
11/09 Retrieval Models (IV) - Language Models
11/16 Break (Taipei Programming Contest)
11/23 Retrieval Models (IV) - Language Models
11/30 School Sports Day
12/07 Clustering for Information Retrieval
12/14 Clustering for Information Retrieval
12/21 Indexing and Searching
12/28 Spoken Document Recognition, Retrieval and Summarization
01/04 Web Search Basics Project (Due 01/25)
01/11 Final


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