Information Retrieval
Fall 2008
Tuesdays, 9:10 ~12:00 AM|
Dr. Berlin Chen (陳柏琳)


Homework Page

Tentative List of Topics:


Course Overview & Introduction




Break (Interspeech 2008)

09/30   Retrieval Models (I) - Classic Retrieval Models (Boolean, Vector Space and Probabilistic Models)  


Retrieval Performance Evaluation - Measures
Retrieval Performance Evaluation - Collections

HW-1: Evaluations for IR (Due10/28)


Retrieval Models (II) - Improved Approaches (Fuzzy Set, Extended Boolean, Generalized Vector Space Models)


Query Operations (Query Expansion and Term Re-weighting)


Retrieval Models (III) - Latent Semantic Analysis (LSA)


Retrieval Models (IV) - Language Modeling Approaches (1/2)

HW-2: Retrieval Models (Due11/25)

11/10 Retrieval Models (IV) - Language Modeling Approaches (2/2)
11/18 Midterm (9:00~12:00 a.m.)


Clustering for Information Retrieval

12/02 Efficient Indexing and Searching

Text and Speech Summarization

HW-3: Text/Speech Summarization (Due 01/13)
12/16 Break (ISCSLP 2008)


Web Search Basics and Link Analysis


Paper Survey by Students

1.  張朝凱: An information retrieval approach to concept location in source code
2.  張鈺玫: OCELOT: A system for summarizing web pages (SIGIR2000)
3.  游宗毅: A Study of Methods for Negative Relevance Feedback (SIGIR08)
4.  卓晉緯: Retrieval Models for Question and Answer Archives (SIGIR08)
5.  徐毓雯: Retrieval and Feedback Models for Blog Feed Search (SIGIR08)
6.  許翼麟: Predicting Information Seeker Satisfaction in Community Question Answering (SIGIR08)
7.  戴衣菱: Finding Question-Answer Pairs from Online Forums (SIGIR08)


8.  范喬彬: Collaborative OpenSocial Network Dataset based Email Ranking and Filtering
9.  游敦皓: Query Dependent Ranking Using K-Nearest Neighbor (SIGIR08)
10. 張嘉晏: Studying the Use of Popular Destinations to Enhance Web Search Interaction (SIGIR07)
11. 鄭舜尹: Application Potential of Multimedia Information Retrieval (IEEE Proceedings 2008)
12. 林宗緣: Ontology Based Semantic Information Retrieval (IEEE Intelligent System 2008)
13. 黃信翰: Document Instantiation for Relevance Feedback in the Bayesian Network Retrieval Model (SIGIR01 - FM/IR workshop)
14: 胡晉豪: User Adaptation: Good Results from Poor Systems (SIGIR2008)

Final Project (Due01/21)


Learning to Rank using Language Models and SVMs



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Information Retrieval Resources

      1.   SIGIR-Information Retrieval Resources