Information Retrieval
Spring 2012
2:10 ~5:00 PM, Mondays
Prof. Berlin Chen (陳柏琳)

Tentative List of Topics:


Course Overview & Introduction

cf. Modern Information Retrieval, Ch. 1
02/27   Break  
03/05   Classical Models cf. Modern Information Retrieval, Ch.3
03/12   Evaluation Metrics cf. Modern Information Retrieval, Ch.4
03/19   Benchmark Collections cf. Modern Information Retrieval, Ch.4
03/26   Exercise (Evaluation Metrics)  
04/02   Extensions of Classic (Set, Algebra & Probabilistic) Models cf. Modern Information Retrieval, Ch.3
HW-2: Retrieval Models
(Due 4/16)
04/09   Relevance Feedback and Query Expansion HW-3: Relevance Feedback (Due 4/30)
04/16   Relevance Feedback and Query Expansion  
04/23   Latent Semantic Analysis HW-4: Latent Semantic Analysis (Due 5/18)
04/30   Midterm  
05/07   Language Models for Information Retrieval  
05/14   Language Modeling for Information Retrieval  
05/21   User Interfaces for Search  
05/28   Indexing and Searching HW-5: Language Modeling for IR (Due 6/11)
06/04   Paper Presentations:
劉爾剛: Finding Relevant Information of Certain Types from Enterprise Data (CIKM 2011)
邱文寬: An Agenda for Green Information Retrieval (IP&M 2012)
陳昱年: Learning Word Vectors for Sentiment Analysis (ACL 2011)
邱俊嘉: Interactive Sense Feedback for Difficult Queries (CIKM 2011)
蔡秉翰: Phrase-Based Translation Model for Question Retrieval in Community (ACL 2011)
邱奕智: Collaborative Filtering in Social Tagging Systems Based on Joint Item-Tag Recommendations (CIKM 2010)
汪逸婷: Quantifying Test Collection Quality Based on the Consistency of Relevance Judgements (SIGIR 2011)
06/11   Paper Presentations:
陳俊諭: User Behavior in Zero-Recall eCommerce Queries (SIGIR 2011)
李承翰: “Then Click OK!” Extracting References to Interface Elements in Online Documentation (CHI 2012)
洪孝宗: A Class of Submodular Functions for Document Summarization (ACL 2011)
蔡育霖: Learning to Grade Short Answer Questions using Semantic Similarity Measures and Dependency Graph Alignments (ACL 2011)
郝柏翰: CRTER: Using Cross Terms to Enhance Probabilistic Information Retrieval (SIGIR 2011)
蔡麟傑: A Boosting Approach to Improving Pseudo-Relevance Feedback (SIGIR 2011)
    Web Search Basics  


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