Information Retrieval
Spring 2013
2:10 ~5:00 PM, Mondays
Prof. Berlin Chen (陳柏琳)

Tentative List of Topics:


Course Overview & Introduction

cf. Modern Information Retrieval, Ch. 1
     Paper: The History of Information Retrieval Research
02/25   Classical Models cf. Modern Information Retrieval, Ch.3
03/04   Classical Models Experimental Corpus
03/11   Evaluation Metrics cf. Modern Information Retrieval, Ch.4
HW#1: Evaluations for IR (Due3/25)
03/18   Benchmark Collections
Extensions of Classic (Set, Algebra & Probabilistic) Models
cf. Modern Information Retrieval, Ch.3
03/25   Relevance Feedback and Query Expansion HW#2: Classic Retrieval Models (Due 4/8)
04/01   Relevance Feedback and Query Expansion HW#3: Query Expansion and Term Weighting (Due 4/22)
04/08   Latent Semantic Analysis  
04/15   Language Modeling for Information Retrieval  
04/22   Language Modeling for Information Retrieval HW#4: LM for IR (Due 5/13)
04/29   Clustering: Metrics and Techniques HW#5: LSA for IR (Due 5/27)
05/06   Clustering: Metrics and Techniques  
05/13   Programming Exercise (HW#4 and HW#5)  
05/20   Indexing and Searching HW#6: Clustering (Due 6/10)
[e.g., leveraging PLSA or document clustering techniques
to enhance the performance of LM for IR]
05/27   Midterm  
06/03   Paper Presentations:
鄭舜宸: Personalized Diversification of Search Results (SIGIR 2012)
陳黃威: Positional Language Models for Information Retrieval (SIGIR 2009)
葉懿萱: Domain Dependent Query Reformulation for Web Search (CIKM 2012)
謝欣汝: Social Annotation in Query Expansion: a Machine Learning Approach (SIGIR 2011)
張崴: One Seed to Find Them All: Mining Opinion Features via Association (CIKM 2012)
06/10   Bamfa Ceesay: Discriminative Models for Information Retrieval (SIGIR 2004)
黃楨喻: Adaptive Query Suggestion for Difficult Queries (SIGIR 2012)
郭家祥: Travel Route Recommendation Using Geotags in Photo Sharing Sites (CIKM 2010)
謝景然: Improving Retrieval of Short Texts Through Document Expansion (SIGIR 2012)
06/17   User Interfaces for Search
Web Search Basics


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