Information Retrieval
Spring 2015
9:00 ~12:00 AM, Tuesdays
Prof. Berlin Chen (陳柏琳)

Tentative List of Topics:


Course Overview & Introduction

Book Chapter: Modern Information Retrieval, Ch. 1
Paper: The History of Information Retrieval Research
03/10   Classical Models cf. Modern Information Retrieval, Ch.3
03/17   Evaluation Metrics cf. Modern Information Retrieval, Ch.4
03/24   Benchmark Collections cf. Modern Information Retrieval, Ch.4
Homework #1 :Evaluation Metrics for IR
Homework #2 : Retrieval Models
03/31   Extensions of Classical (Set, Algebra & Probabilistic) Models  
04/07   Relevance Feedback and Query Expansion Homework #3 : Relevance Feedback and Query Expansion
04/14   Relevance Feedback and Query Expansion  
04/28   Latent Semantic Analysis  
05/05   Language Modeling for Information Retrieval  
05/12   Clustering: Metrics and Techniques  
05/19   Clustering: Metrics and Techniques  
05/26   Indexing And Searching
Homework #4 : Latent Semantic Analysis (Document Embedding) for IR
06/02   Paper Presentation
簡偉智 ACL 2014: Two-Stage Hashing for Fast Document Retrieval
許曜麒 SIGIR 2014: A Collective Topic model for Milestone Paper Discovery
陳佳均 ICALP 2013: Information Retrieval Model Combining Sentence Level Retrieval
廖柏翔 ICTIR 2013: A Standard Document Score for Information Retrieval
陳之中 SIGIR 2014: Hashtag Recommendation for Hyperlinked Tweets
江浩群 ICSE 2012: Where Should the Bugs Be Fixed? More Accurate Information Retrieval-Based Bug Localization Based on Bug Reports
06/09   陳盈君 CIKM 2014: Spatial Verification for Scalable Mobile Image Retrieval
王    涵 SIGIR 2014: On Measuring Social Friend Interest Similarities in Recommender System
蔡謹安 KDD 2014 KDD: Grouping Students in Educational Settings
林祺傑 SIGIR 2014: Mobile Query Reformulations
楊明翰 SIGIR 2014: The Role of Network Distance in LinkedIn People Search
張書堯 ICMC SMC 2014: Query-by-Multiple-Examples: Content-Based Search in Computer-Assisted Sound-Based Musical Composition
王鼎中 SIGIR 2014: A Simple Term Frequency Transformation Model for Effective Pseudo Relevance Feedback
06/16   Consultations on Homework Assignments (Room 203 of the CSIE Department)  
    User Interface for Search  
    Web Search Basics  
    Brief Overview of Automatic Summarization  


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